About Me

Hi there, I’m Sarah & Welcome to my Blog.

I quit my job in the end of December 2019. I can say that I’m living my dream. With the help of my Youtube channels & other online ventures, I’m able to work remotely. I spend most of my time travelling and I work from my laptop. It’s an amazing feeling to work independently and I am living my dream.

If this is also your dream, then you too can make it come true!

What do you need to live this dream?

Well, a little motivation to work hard for a while, a laptop with an active internet connection. That’s it. Just read through my blog and give yourself a try!

Well, I can’t guarantee that you will make millions but you can make money online. It’s not easy in the beginning but eventually it turns out great 🙂 .

How It All Started?

I got this inspiration when I was reading an article online. There was a quote from Warren Buffet which meant that If you can’t find a way to make money while sleeping, you will work until you die.

That line, made me to think. And that’s how it started. Initially, I started my side hustle from Youtube (because everyone was doing it). My first channel was a disaster, like everyone’s.

Through some experiments and courses my online journey started. The right guidance and strategy worked off, the side hustle became my main work and I quit my job.

From then, I have found some more ways to make money online. All the hard work is paying off now and I’m grateful for that.

Everyday when I wake up, I am happy. I know that while I was sleeping, I was making money. I’m no longer frustrated because, now I love my work.
This is one of the best feeling in the world. I’m my own BOSS!

The Online World has changed my life forever. Now, I’m more confident in my life and I want others to feel this too, at least once.

Are You Ready To Quit Your Job?

Yeah, but not so early!

Not until you earn your first dollar online. Initially, make this your side hustle. I too started the same way to pursue my dream.

You may be ridiculed by many that you don’t need to do this. Well, same thing happened with me. My friends and family said that, I was not made for this. I was a crazy in their eyes.

Many times, we are made to think that a job is what you need for a stable life. Well, unfortunately in the time of pandemic many people lost their job. Many of my friends became depressed after losing theirs.

Now many people are starting to believe that a job is also unstable and can’t be guaranteed. When people needed the money most, they were made to quit. A job is not a bad thing but doing what you hate is bad.

One third of our life is spent in doing a job. And not liking what you do means that you wasted your one third of your life in doing what you don’t even like.
You deserve a life better than this.

Change Your Mindset

Take a look at this article from Huffington Post and read it thoroughly. Even though its old, the article is proving to be quite relevant today.

While I’m not saying to quit your job right now. However, many people get pumped up by reading articles like this and quit their job the next day and then play their blame game.

First build your foundations. Start a side hustle like I did and once you have a stable 6 months job replacing online income then quit your job.

Now What?

I’ve created this blog with a vision for helping people to make money using Youtube. I will share my tips & guides which you can follow to start earning.

Why Youtube?

Well, it’s easier. I know that you’ll say that you’ve tried and it didn’t work. However, I’ll share some courses and tools which can guide you in a proper way. Video content is the future. And Youtube has not even started.

Video content is going to boom. And I want to make sure that you take your share from it as well. I’ll review products which I’ve used personally and I believe will work for you too.

Will you have to buy those products? It’s entirely up to you. I’ve created this blog for educating people about making money from Youtube, not to sell useless crap.

If you’re still reading this, I’m glad that you made it so far! I promise to you that my content will help you to grow on Youtube. Along the way, I’ll also share some more ways by which you can earn money online.

If you decide to buy any product from the links on my site, I may or may not make a commission from that product.

The links won’t cost any extra money if you buy the products from them. Instead, it will help me to deliver much better content on this blog.

I wish you all the best for your success which you’re going to have soon.

Remember that the Start may seem impossibly hard but once you get past this, you’ll build momentum and nothing will stop you.

All the best.

Sarah North