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Best Ebook Creator Software Sqribble
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Ebooks are a great way to increase leads and email lists. They are a valuable asset in today’s world. With a simple ebook you can create your email list faster than any other methods 😇.

Despite its importance, why are only some people able to use it to its full potential?

Well, most of the people really don’t know how to create an ebook the proper way. There are so many tools available in the market that each of them come with their own complex layout which prevents many people from creating ebooks 🥺.

Most of the software in the market have vast and complex layouts for a beginner. They come with their own learning curve and take a long time to learn.

For a blogger or someone who wants an ebook fast, spending so much time on learning a software just for the sake of creating ebooks does not make sense 🧰.

However, once you start using Sqribble, there is no going back to any other tool where it takes a whole day just to create the cover.

In this article I’ll tell you how Sqribble can make your life easy and can help you with creating an ebook in less than 10 minutes ⏳!

What Is Sqribble and Why To Use It?

Best Ebook Creator SoftwareSqribble

ebook maker software sqribble short review
  • 50 Pre Made Templates
  • Drag & Drop
  • Automated Smart Features
  • Built In Content Engine
  • Cloud Based

Sqribble is a cloud based ebook creator software that allows you to create engaging ebooks and reports with its robust features.

Having control over the whole ebook creation process saves your time as well as money. I’m saying this because I know how frustrated you can get if you don’t know how to create a good and engaging ebook 📚. 

There are many reasons why you should go for an easy to use software like Sqribble. Some of them are ⬇️:

  • It saves you a ton of money and your precious time.
  • Sometimes, hiring a ‘good’ freelancer becomes a more challenging task than creating an ebook.
  • Tools like Adobe Photoshop need hours of training to even get started ✍️.
  • Designing the cover and page layouts are another great way to get lost in the sea of perfection.

As you can see, all of these things are real problems which people face before creating an ebook. That’s where a simple yet powerful tool like Sqribble comes in 🤜.

Ebook Creator Software – Sqribble Features

Ebook Creator Software Sqribble amazing Features

Sqribble is a great ebook creation software and it has a lot more features than you’ll ever need. Let’s take a closer look at all of it’s features:

1. Easy To Use Interface

Sqribble comes with the drag and drop technology which makes it easy to use even for those who have never created an ebook before. 

The dashboard is easy to understand and has all the features in an organized manner.

2. Pre-made Templates

There are 50 expert designed templates which cover 15 most commonly used and profitable niches. These templates are created with catchy designs and great color schemes 📌.

You just need to choose your favorite template, and half of your work will be done!

3. Instant Content Creation

Instant content creation feature of Sqribble ebook content creator

The most important part of an ebook is the content. And Sqribble takes care of it by providing multiple options for creating content.

Let’s take a look at them:

  • Using URL: This feature allows you to fill the ebook by scraping the content off a website. Just enter the URL and Sqribble will automatically fill the ebook. If you are using someone else’s website for the content then make sure to give credit to them.
  • Using Built In Content Engine: Sqribble also has a collection of 1,000 instant niche articles that you can use for your ebook. Just search your niche in the article search and you’ll have content.
  • From Word File: You can also upload a word file of your choice and Sqribble will automatically extract all the content and fill the ebook.
  • Built in Content Area: This is like a normal content editor which you can use to type content into your ebook directly. 

4. Full Customization

There are some people like me who want to add personal touch to whatever content they create. So if you don’t like anything from the Template design then you can still edit them. 

From Title of the book covers to the color of text or any random image, everything is customizable ✂️.

This will allow you to add your own personal touch to the ebook without wasting too much time on just designing.

5. Automated Smart Features

Sqribble comes with smart automated features which reduce the tedious and boring tasks. These include: Table of contents, page numbers, headers & footers.

All of the above are editable and you can change them however you want!

6. Commercial License

This is one of the main things which I always look for. There are many free tools available in the market who don’t provide commercial license or add their watermark on the ebook 📑.

However, Sqribble is not like them. Once you purchase it, you can do whatever you want with the ebook. You can even sell them to others and earn money!

Create Ebook Software- How Sqribble Works?

Create Ebook Software Sqribble Working

Sqribble is a great software for creating ebooks. It comes with a unique content generation engine and automated tasks to ease the overall process.

After going through it’s features, let’s see how you can use it to create ebooks in minutes!

How To Use Sqribble

Although you will be able to master Sqribble once you go through it. However, since many people like to know about these things in advance, I’m putting all the steps you need to follow while creating an ebook.

best ebook creation software sqribble steps to use

Step 1. Choose A Template According To Your Niche

With 15 most popular niches you will get 50 beautifully designed templates which you can choose as a theme for your ebook.

Just choose your favorite template and customize it according to your needs.

Step 2. Add Content

This is a self explanatory step! Just choose from the many content creation options within the editor and you’ll have your ebook ready with the content 📗.

Step 3. Customize & Finally Publish

After the first two steps, your ebook will be already completed. At this stage you can customize anything if you don’t like it and once you are done, hit the publish button!

The ebook will be in the pdf format and now you can use it wherever you like!

Ebook Maker Sqribble Upgrades

Ebook Maker Sqribble Upgrades

Sqribble comes with four upsells. Depending upon your usage and requirements you can buy these to unlock more features which are not available in the basic version.

Let’s take a look at them one by one ⬇️:

  1. Sqribble Professional- In this one you can unlock up to 150 more templates & graphics. You also get access to more niche articles in the content engine.
  2. Sqribble Prime- This upsell will add 15 premium templates every month which are updated quite frequently. It’s a great feature if you want more updated templates.
  3. Sqribble Fantasia 3D- This one will allow you to create 3D covers for your ebooks. Along with that it has a Flipbook feature, which will add animated and interactive features to ebook pages
  4. Auto Job Finder software- This upsell is helpful for those who are planning to sell ebooks. It allows you to keep a track of all the ebook related jobs on popular freelancing sites & notifies you of them.

Pros & Cons of Sqribble

After knowing everything about the Sqribble, let’s take a look at some of the advantages & disadvantages of it.


  • Very affordable (after applying my coupon)
  • Tried and tested strategies
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Latest working strategies
  • Training from someone who knows what they are teaching
  • A great guide for beginners as well as advanced Youtubers
  • Tons of checklists and cheat sheets
  • A great guide for beginners as well as advanced Youtubers


  • The amount of information can be overwhelming for beginners
  • The course is not for you if you think you will not have to work hard

Best Ebook Creator Software 2021- Sqribble FAQs

Can I use Sqribble on any Device?

Yes, as it’s a cloud based software you can use it on any device. You just need an internet connection and a browser!

Can I earn money by selling ebooks?

Yes, you can! With the freelancing route you can format, create or design ebooks for clients. You can find these jobs on popular freelancing platforms like Upwork & Freelancer.

How much time does it take to master Sqribble?

As it’s based on Drag & Drop technology, you won’t need to do any serious training to work on Sqribble. However, they do provide tutorial videos from which you can learn more about more features and how to use them to their full extent.

Is it legal to add content from someone’s website?

If you are going to use the URL generator feature for creating content then make sure to give credit and source of the content at the end of the book.
You can also ask them for their permission if you want.

Will I be able to add hyperlinks in the ebook?

Yes, you can add as many links in the ebook as you want. But make sure these links are valuable for readers otherwise they will get confused.

My Verdict

Sqribble is one of those tools which allow you to save your time as well as money. With so many unique and advanced features, it’s a tool which everyone should try, at least once 🙂!

Although it has some limitations, they all are compensated by unique and advanced features.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to capture leads or want to work as a freelancer by selling ebooks. This is a tool worth giving a try.

I hope that this article will help you. If you still have any questions then you can ask them in the comment section.

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