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Realistic Voice Generator Text To Speech software
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Whether it’s a Youtube video or a sales video, you can’t ignore the importance of the voice over. They are like the soul of a video, no matter how good your animations are but if it has a badly done voice over it will affect the whole video.

How do I know about it? 🤨

Well, one of my friends who is a small business owner wanted to create training videos for her employees. She also didn’t want to go for a professional voice over artist as it would shoot up the overall expense.

So, while searching for a good TTS engine for my friend and after trying dozens of “Natural” voice generators, I took a look at Speechelo.

Over 3 months have passed for now, and she has no problem with the software 😇.

Based on this experience I have written this article for helping people who are in need of a realistic voice generator text to speech software.

Best Realistic Voice Generator- Speechelo

Realistic Voice Generator Text To Speech software Speechelo
  • Natural Breathes & Pauses
  • 3 Voice Tones- Normal, Serious & Joyful
  • 23+ Languages
  • 50+ Voices including Male & Female
  • Cloud Based Text To Speech

Is Speechelo really for me?

The first question you need to ask yourself before jumping into using something like Speechelo is how serious you are about the voice over . 

You can try to do it on your own, but most of the time people face these problems:

  • They don’t have special equipment and other tools.
  • English is not their first language so they naturally don’t have great command in speaking it.
  • They simply don’t like their recorded voice.

If you have one of the above problems then you have 2 options to choose from. Either get a professional artist or use a text to speech software.

For voice over artists you can go with Freelancing sites but that gets expensive pretty quickly 😢!

So, the only option which remains is to go for TTS softwares.

I’ve tried many artificial voice engines and Speechelo is the only one which stood out from the rest. Although it can’t perfectly mimic human speech, it is certainly better than the rest.

Realistic Voice Generator- Speechelo Features

Realistic Voice Generator Speechelo Features and benefits

Breathing & Pauses For Natural Voice

Unlike other voice engines in the market, Speechelo comes with a feature of Breathing & Pauses to mimic the human voice 🎧.

While there’s an option to manually add pauses after each phrase, I like to use the default A.I generated voice. It automatically adds pauses & breaths in appropriate places, making it more balanced.

50+ Voices With Male & Female Versions

This is another awesome feature which I really like about Speechelo. For most of the languages you will get both the Female as well as male version voices.

As the US English is the most used language on the Speechelo, they’ve added 4 different versions for it. These are- 2 different male voices, 1 female voice and 1 kid voice.

Three Voice Tones

This is cool right? While generating the voice, you also get the option to choose the overall tone of the voice 🔊 which will be used by the AI software. There are 3 tones that you can use, depending upon your requirements:

  • Normal Tone 
  • Joyful Tone
  • Serious Tone 

23 Languages To Choose From

Voice Generator Text To Speech can be helpful

Most of the software have a limit of 1 or 2 languages which can be produced artificially. But Speechelo gives 23+ languages to choose from.

These are the languages it supports:                           

Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh, and more.

Change Speed & Pitch Of The Voice

This feature is for people like me who try to customize everything according to their taste. This is another feature which I was unable to find in any Text To Speech Software.

The control over the pitch & speed of the generated voice has helped my friend a lot!

You know where it helps? My friend used it for generating the Terms & Conditions speech, which comes at the end of the video 😂!

AI Powered Online Text Editor

The Text Editor which you get with the Speechelo is an advanced one. We all know that the generated voice depends a lot on the punctuation marks you used. 

A single wrong comma can ruin the whole meaning of the sentence.

That’s why to solve this problem, Speechelo comes with it’s own AI 💻 which automatically adds correct punctuation marks within the text. While it’s not perfect, it’s still helpful to an extent.

Voice Generator Text To Speech – How Speechelo Works

Voice Generator Text To Speech speechelo steps to use

Speechelo is an advanced realistic voice generator that uses an AI engine to mimic human voice. It has multiple voice effects like- Breathing & pauses, voice tones, pitch, etc to improve the generated voice.

How to use Speechelo

The overall process is very easy and you will not have to waste any time in learning the layout of the software. You can use the voice generator text to speech in just 3 steps ⬇️:

Step 1. Paste your text in the online text editor

Thanks to the Speechelo’s AI engine, your pasted text will be automatically added with all the appropriate punctuation marks.

This automation helps the AI to generate the maximum effective voice 🎤 with natural pauses and breaks.

Step 2. Choose your language & voice

With over 30+ languages and many voice versions to choose from, you can control the voice.

You can also choose from the 3 tones to add more feel to the generated voice . There is a preview option as well for testing of the voice.

Step 3. Generate the voice & Download it

Once you’ve done your customization, you can generate the voice & download it. The voice generation process takes 10-20 seconds maximum ⌛️. 

After the successful speech generation, you will get the option to play as well as download the voice output.

Realistic Voice Generator Text To Speech Software [Speechelo]- FAQs

Does it run on a specific Operating System?

No, it’s a cloud based text to speech software so it does not require any specific operating system. You just need a device with an Internet connection.

Can I download it and run without the Internet?

No, you can’t download and save it for offline use. After the purchase of the software you will be able to login to your dashboard and there you will be able to use it.

Where can I use the generated speech?

You can use the generated voice anywhere you like. Many people like to use it for their sales, training or educational videos.
Some of my friends even use it for their Youtube videos which works great.

Will it work with my video editing software?

Yes, Speechelo works with any video creation software.

My Verdict

Speechelo is a value for money realistic voice generator which works better than the rest of the softwares out in the market.

With so many advanced features and its own AI engine, it doesn’t sound robotic 🤖 like other text to speech engines.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use it for sales videos, training videos or for your Youtube channel, it gets the work done. 

It’s a great voice generator text to speech software which works great for small business owners or online entrepreneurs like me.

I hope that this article will help you. If you’ve any doubts or questions, then you can ask them in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading 🙂!

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