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Thumbnail Blaster Review and guide for youtubers
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If you have a Youtube channel then you may know the importance of a great thumbnail. It is one of the most important factors which can either make or break your videos. 

According to the data from Youtube, 90% of the good performing videos use a custom thumbnail instead of the default one. A good thumbnail helps the viewer to understand the content of the video & prompts them to click. 

That’s why it’s always important to have a custom made thumbnail. As it plays the major role in views count and click-through-rate.

Designing a good thumbnail isn’t an easy task. That’s why to solve this problem I’m going to introduce you to a powerful tool- Thumbnail Blaster Pro.

In this article I’ll give a brief review of it. And how to create unique and perfect thumbnails for your Youtube videos using this tool.

Thumbnail Blaster At A Glance

Being a content creator is not an easy task. It doesn’t matter what platform you are on. No matter how great your video is, people will judge your content on the basis of your thumbnail.

In an era where people are having the shortest attention span in history, only a thumbnail can help you to grab their attention in first glance.

While you can use professional tools like Adobe Photoshop for creating perfect thumbnails, they have their own learning curve which takes time.

And being a content creator you cannot stop to learn all those skills and then start. This is where a tool like Thumbnail Blaster steps in.

Thumbnail Blaster

thumbnail blaster pro review
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Easy To Use
  • AI Image Analysis
  • 30+ Professional Ready To Use Templates
  • Cloud Based

Interested to know more about it?

You should be because it’s a perfect solution to all your thumbnail problems.

What is Thumbnail Blaster & Why use it?

Thumbnail Blaster is an AI powered thumbnail creation online software which helps the content creators to create custom thumbnails without any extra effort. It generates thumbnails not only for Youtube videos but also for Facebook and Instagram.

I like it because it helps to make perfect thumbnails even if you don’t have any design skills or experience. With a drag-and-drop feature and easy to use interface it is one of my favorite tools.

What’s more interesting is that it comes with a ton of templates and a design elements library to ease the overall process. Once you get familiarized with it, you can literally create a high converting thumbnail in just 60 seconds.

Where Can You Use The Thumbnail Blaster?

uses of thumbnail blaster

As it’s a tool for making custom thumbnails, you can use it on any video platforms. Remember, the size of the thumbnail will vary depending upon the platform’s requirements so you will have to create the thumbnails accordingly.

Some of the video platforms where you can use it are:

  • Video sharing platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Facebook & Instagram ads.

These are some of the places where it can prove to be a very helpful tool for you.

The Thumbnail Blaster helps by :

  • Creating unique & attention grabbing thumbnails.
  • Offering a growing library of templates and design elements
  • AI powered image analysis to find out the overall effectiveness of the thumbnail.
  • And many more advanced features!

Let’s understand some more features in depth.

Features Of Thumbnail Blaster

thumbnail blaster features to use for Youtube

I’ve already shown you some of it’s likeable features which I love. But there are still some more features to explore. Let’s understand them, one by one.

1. Drag & Drop Builder

This is the main feature why many content creators like this software. Unlike Photoshop and other professionally used Photo editors, it is based on drag and drop feature which makes it easy to use

With it, you can customize anything in your thumbnail to make it stand out from the rest without worrying. Everything is in your control and can be designed in very less time.

2. Background Remover Feature

Removing background can be a bit of a task and they sometimes take a very long time for someone like me! 

And If you use a green screen for thumbnails or if you have an unattractive background then this feature is definitely for you. I’ve used this one more than I can remember. 

3. AI Powered Image Analysis

This feature gives you recommendations which it thinks are missing from your thumbnail.

I like this awesome analysis, because I always forget important things while making thumbnails, and it keeps reminding me of them! With this, you won’t miss any detail about your thumbnail which can lower your CTR.

4. Advanced Split Testing Module

This is a new feature and it helps you to determine the overall efficiency of the thumbnails. Supposed you created 2 thumbnails for a single video and you are confused which one you should choose. In this case this feature will help you to decide the better one.

The way it works is like this:

  • Select 2 thumbnails on which you want to run the compatibility test.
  • Now, start the test
  • It will automatically change the thumbnails of the video and will measure the performance of the video, one by one.
  • The thumbnail which produced better results will be chosen and the other one will be discarded.

5. Image Filters

These are some of the basic features which help to change the overall color, contrast, brightness, sharpness, etc of the thumbnail.

These features are not exclusive to this software and you can do all of that even from your smartphone. However, having all of these at the same place where you’re designing your thumbnails comes handy.

6. Default Templates & Design Elements

This is a great feature as it offers pre-made templates some of which are exclusive to the niche of the video. However, you can also use the generic templates which can be used on any type of video.

The design elements consist of a library of emojis, shapes, doodles, etc. The library is quite vast, and grows with every new update.

By combining the power of these two features you’d be able to design your thumbnail as you like. Text, Font style, colors all are fully customizable.

7. Any Thumbnail Size

It doesn’t matter if you want to create a thumbnail for a Youtube video in 16:9 ratio or a square ratio for other video platforms like 4:5 or 4:4.

You have the full power to choose your thumbnail size.

How To Use Thumbnail Baster For High CTRs

steps to use thumbnail blaster

You can start using it in minutes as it’s a cloud based software. It can work on any computer, so you don’t need to worry about whether it is supported only for windows. You can use it as long as you are connected to the Internet and have a browser.

The overall process of thumbnail creation using the Thumbnail Blaster is very easy. It’s literally a 3 step process:

  1. Choose Your Template- With over 30 preloaded templates, you can select anyone for your thumbnail. 
  2. Customize it- The template will be fully customizable and you can add or delete whatever you want. Just drag and drop interface.
  3. Save & Publish it- After you are satisfied by the thumbnail design, you can save it and save it as a thumbnail on whatever platform you like.

Thumbnail Blaster: Pros & Cons

While the Thumbnail blaster is a great tool for someone like me it’s important to know it’s limitations as well. No tool is perfect and easy to use, there will always be a tradeoff between them.

So, let’s take a look at it’s good and bad points.


  • Vast library of design elements
  • AI image analyzer
  • Advanced Split testing module
  • Cloud based software
  • Drag-and-drop features


  • Sometimes it takes 30-40 seconds to generate thumbnails
  • The newer updates don’t come as frequently as they should


  • Vast library of design elements
  • AI image analyzer
  • Advanced Split testing moduleplates
  • Cloud based software
  • Drag-and-drop features


  • Sometimes it takes 30-40 seconds to generate thumbnails
  • The newer updates don’t come as frequently as they should

FAQs – Thumbnail Blaster Review

Will I have to download the software?

No, the thumbnail blaster can be used on any os with a browser. You just need a working internet connection and a web browser.

Can I create thumbnails without design skills?

Yes, this tool is made just for that. It has several thumbnail templates which can be used for any niche. Also, with the help of AI Image analysis you won’t miss any crucial detail.

Can I use it on other video sharing platforms?

If the platform has an option to add thumbnail for the videos, then you can use the thumbnail blaster.

How fast will I see the results after using it?

As soon as you create a unique thumbnail by adding your own twist, it will work. I’ve used it myself and it has increased CTRs by at least 2 times.


I hope that this brief guide helped you to learn something new. Thumbnail Blaster is one of the best youtube thumbnail creator which you can use. By using it’s powerful features and AI techniques you will be able to increase your CTRs and views by more than 3X.

I have used this tool and it has helped me over the years. The back-end support is also great. So, if you forget something or you don’t know how to use a specific feature, you can contact them easily.


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