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Video Marketing Blaster Review and guide for youtubers
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We all know the feeling when we work very hard for the video and we upload it only to get a handful of views. Then we hope & wait for hours, then days and still the number of views remain the same.

That’s the feeling we all hate and it’s one of the most discouraging moments for a new Youtuber. This feeling has made many people quit over the time. One of the most obvious reasons why it happens with many people especially the new Youtubers is that they don’t know how to do the proper SEO for their videos.

They just upload their videos with a generic title and don’t use tags. Then they wait for the Youtube algorithm to boost their views. Of course it’ll never happen automatically. Doing SEO is an important skill in itself.

While you can always hire someone to optimize your videos, I’ll always recommend you to do it yourself.

That’s why I’m going to introduce you to a tool called Video Marketing Blaster which I’ve used to rank my Youtube videos. It does all the heavy lifting without much effort.

An Overview Of Video Marketing Blaster

Ranking a Youtube video is not much different than ranking a blog post. Whether your video will rank or not depends upon how you used the keywords for which you want to rank.

  • Did you target only low competition long tail keywords?
  • Did you optimize the title & description of the video?
  • Did you put relevant tags?
  • Did you put a unique thumbnail for your Youtube video to stand out from the crowd?

If your answers to most of the above questions is No (like many new Youtubers), then you should use a tool which can help you to make your video SEO friendly for Youtube.

If you do all of the SEO work yourself then it will take a considerable amount of your time. This will make it difficult for you to maintain the regularity in uploading the videos.

Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster Review
  • Finds Untapped Keywords
  • Generates SEO Optimized Video Details
  • Works For Local Languages as well
  • Easy To Use Interface

This is where the Video Marketing Blaster kicks in.

Let’s know more about it and how it works!

What is Video Marketing Blaster & Why Use It?

Video Marketing Blaster is a data driven software which helps newbie Youtubers (like me) to optimize their videos without doing any extra work.

It helps you to find untapped low competition keywords according to your niche. It then generates the title, description and tags for the video which you can use while uploading your video.

The main thing which I like about the Video Marketing Blaster is that it has all the features you need for optimizing your videos. It also gives you a quick estimation of the traffic which you can gain from the keywords

What’s more interesting is that some of the videos which are optimized by this software can even rank in Google search results. Which means it not only targets the Youtube related keywords but also the keywords for Google.

Where Can You Use The Video Marketing Blaster?

Video marketing blaster uses

Mainly it’s made for finding keywords for Google and Youtube, so I’m pretty sure it won’t help you on any other platform. But for a Youtube channel, this tool is like a master toolkit.

It doesn’t matter that, if:

  • You’ve a Youtube channel for your business.
  • Or if you’re a content creator and want to grow on Youtube.

It’s only purpose is to drive traffic to your videos by finding untapped keywords. It’s not niche specific and can help you to find keywords in any niche. It also has the ability to work for any language. So, you can also target the local language keywords instead of only English ones.

The Video Marketing Blaster Helps By-

  • Finding low competition keywords in any language and for any niche.
  • Generating Title, Description and Tags for the video so that you can rank faster.
  • Ranking the videos in Youtube as well as Google search results.

Let’s understand these features in more depth and how they work.

Features Of Video Marketing Blaster

1. Keyword Research

This is the main feature of the Video Marketing Blaster. You just need to put your main keyword and you will get a list of untapped related keywords which you can use. 

Many people try to target the wrong keywords and they fail and then quit. Finding long tail keywords is a skill which requires patience and time.

The main idea behind this technique is that, first you have to rank on the untapped keywords. And when your authority in that niche increases, then try to rank on the main keywords.

2. SEO Optimization

When you are starting out, you need to be a one man army. And as a content creator, it’s hard but not impossible. We often tend to neglect the importance of SEO for our Youtube videos. 

This is a mistake which you should never make as a newbie Youtuber. Incorrect SEO confuses the Youtube algorithm and as a result your video loses it’s ranking. That’s why don’t forget to make the full use of this tool to enhance your rankings.

3. Video Details

No one likes to fill in the details like Title, Description and Tags. It’s an absolutely boring task. But these are the only things which the Youtube Algorithm understands. 

That’s why this software is so unique. With it’s data driven technology it automatically produces the perfect video details which you can use. 

I like this feature because it completely automates the most boring part of the video making process and helps me to rank the videos without worrying about other things.

4. Niche/Competition Analysis (Pro feature)

Have you ever wanted to analyze the top 10 videos in your niche and wanted to know how they rank so easily?

Well this tool offers this amazing feature. It can help you to perform an in depth analysis of top 10 videos in your niche which will help you to understand the overall competition.

Depending upon the analysis, it will generate an ideal- Title, Description and Tag. This will help you to rank in a much easier and faster way.

5. Rank Tracker (Pro feature)

As the name implies, this feature helps you to keep an eye on the ranking of the videos. You just need to add the link of the video and the target keyword. 

You can also keep the track of your competitors’ videos (I like to do this!). This brief analysis helps you to improve. If the graph is going higher, then you’re doing the correct thing otherwise you need to work hard.

Video Marketing Blaster vs Video Marketing Blaster Pro – Difference

The pro version is an upgrade of the standard version. I have made this Video Marketing Blaster review after upgrading my version and I can say that it was worth it.

The pro version has 3 exclusive features which are super important from the point of view of a Youtuber. I have covered these pro features in the above section so you can decide it for yourself. However, I would recommend you to upgrade to get the best out of this tool.

How To Use Video Marketing Blaster?

The Video Marketing Blaster has a simple formula of 3 clicks. You just need to follow these and you are done!

  • Step 1 – Find the untapped long tail keywords using the Keyword Finder feature.
  • Step 2 – Make the video SEO optimized by adding the suggested title, description & tags to your videos.
  • Step 3 – Upload the videos on Youtube and track their rankings to see how they are performing.

While the Video Marketing Blaster can optimize your video according to the Youtube algorithm, it can’t optimize videos for humans. Wait, what??

Yeah, it can only increase your impressions across Youtube & Google but it can’t increase your Click-through-rate(CTR). Whether people will click on your video will entirely depend on how good your thumbnail is

Many people don’t even read the title, they click only on the basis of thumbnails. That’s why it’s important for you as a Youtuber to give extra attention to your thumbnails.

If you’re like me and find the process of making the thumbnail boring, then you can give a try to the Thumbnail Blaster. A tool which I find very helpful while designing the thumbnails. You can read my review of the Thumbnail Blaster here.

Video Marketing Blaster: Pros & Cons

After using this tool for a long time, I have seen everything this tool can offer. I have also encountered some problems while using it but they were soon fixed. Let’s talk about the good and bad points of the Thumbnail Marketing Blaster.


  • Beginner Friendly
  • Offers Agency Rights
  • Automated Suggestions
  • Training Videos
  • Cloud Based (Their sale page shows Windows only, which I guess will be updated soon)


  • Sometimes the Keyword finder takes 30-40 seconds which is slow.
  • Some keywords are hard to rank for and therefore take longer time than usual to take effect.

FAQs – Video Marketing Blaster

How does Video Marketing Blaster work?

It works on the data driven technology by targeting low competition untapped keywords. All these keywords are found by the especially designed algorithm of this software.

Does it work for languages other than English?

Yes, many people don’t pay attention in local languages and this is where you can take the prize. It’s easier to rank in other languages due to less competition than English.

How much time will it take to rank my videos?

It all depends on the keywords which you have targeted. If it is a low competition keyword then you will rank easily.

How will I know that my videos are ranking?

You can track your video rankings by using the Video tracker. This will help you to analyze the overall performance of your videos.


Many Youtubers fail to rank their videos because they don’t know how to optimize their videos. I hope that after reading this Marketing Blaster review you give a try to this tool. It has helped me over the years and that’s why it’s in my recommendations list.

The unique features and various modules make it one of the best tools which you can use for ranking your Youtube videos.

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